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1973 SAAB 95 V4 Station Wagon

This car received a complete mechanical restoration, extensive frame and sheet metal repairs and a long list of performance upgrades.  In order to accommodate a larger radiator (with twin electric fans) and give additional clearance for air conditioning equipment, the front panel and hood were extended forward approximately three inches. This required many hours of custom fabrication and carful sculpting of the sheet metal panels to maintain the factory look of the car. The car features a performance tuned 1700 V4 motor with 120 hp, gas shocks (with our rear tube-shock upgrade), Sonett III aluminum wheels, and high-performance stainless steel headers and exhaust system.

1968 Sonett V4 known as “Fast Freddy”

This Sonett V4 has a race-tuned 150 hp 1700 V4 engine, sedan gearing, a Sonett III floor shifter, lots of suspension and body upgrades and extremely wide wheels and tires. This car was recently painted and work is in progress to replace the interior upholstery and carpeting.

1972 Sonett III

This car received a full mechanical restoration and a full tilting front hood assembly. It is equipped with a performance tuned 130 hp 1700 V4 motor, front frame stiffeners, Koni adjustable shocks, a moon roof, and new interior upholstery. The front and rear bumpers are fiberglass reproduction parts.